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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm ET | Virtual

Find your next great teaming partners: NSTXL's member-exclusive Teaming Collisions returns with three new technology areas.

With partnership and teamwork, the ability to prepare for future projects, strategies and requirements is unlimited.

Join us on Wednesday, October 6, to hear from PEO STRI's technology leadership, as well as traditional and non-traditional member organizations, as they share their capabilities around Game Engine (Platform/Infrastructure) Development & Deployment, Medical Simulation, and Terrain/Environment Modeling & Rendering.

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Teaming is Top Priority

Often the need for partners surfaces through an RFS or RPP, when the window to find the right partners who have what you need and submit a cohesive solution is limited. Teaming Collisions showcase member capabilities specific to Government-identified technical areas. Participants will have the opportunity to connect and build capability and technology-driven partnerships.

In addition to keynote and Q&A sessions with Government's technology leadership team, participants will hear from traditional organizations and non-traditional organizations. For all sessions, live Q&A is encouraged, and questions asked and not answered during the sessions will be responded to post-event.

PEO STRI’s Top 10 Tech Focus Areas

Each Teaming Collisions event is focused around the technology areas mentioned in PEO STRI's Top 10 Tech Focus Areas RNI. Teaming Collisions 3 is centered around Game Engine (Platform/Infrastructure) Development & Deployment, Medical Simulation, and Terrain/Environment Modeling & Rendering.

Missed the first two Teaming Collisions programs? View the resources for what to expect during Teaming Collisions 3! 


FY21-TReX-Tech Areas RNI PDF

Agenda at a Glance

Become a Presenter

Does your organization focus on Game Engine (Platform/Infrastructure) Development & Deployment, Medical Simulation, or Terrain/Environment Modeling & Rendering? Are you ready to share your capabilities with the audience during Teaming Collisions 3? When registering for the event, simply indicate your interest in presenting, and we'll be in touch with requirements. 

The event or submitted request is for planning and future teaming purposes only and does not constitute a Request for Solution or an invitation to submit formal proposals.

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