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We developed the NSTXL Alliance to give innovators like you a chance to explore open opportunities without a membership commitment.

As a subscriber, you'll receive real-time alerts on new prototype projects as they are released. When you see an opportunity you want to submit on, simply become a member and join the network.

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New to Working with the DoD?

NSXTL's agile acquisition platform was built so you can quickly enter the market without being an expert in the defense acquisition process. 

Working with NSTXL gives you access to...

  • Expert help through each phase of the solicitation process and contracting experience
  • Direct access to some of the most prominent divisions in the defense sector
  • Exposure to rapidly growing defense markets to increase your pipeline

Get Exposure to Emerging Growth Markets  

OTA's are only growing in popularity and as defense spending increases, NSTXL's opportunity pipeline is rapidly expanding with it.

In the last year, our members were awarded 48 contracts worth a potential of $559 million and submitted solutions across more than 64 technology areas including Microelectronics Development, Quantum Computing, Beyond Earth, Artificial Intelligence, and Hypersonics.

Designed as an alternative to traditional contracting vehicles, OTAs help fast-track research initiatives and prototype innovation.

NSTXL's average submission to award timeline is just over 100 days compared to 12 to 24 months with traditional defense contracting.

Eliminate the Barriers of DoD Contracting