STARRY NITE Run Application

Sponsored by OUSD(R&E) Trusted & Assured Microelectronics program, the State-of-the-Art Radio Frequency Gallium Nitride (STARRY NITE) program is establishing a mature portfolio of domestic RF GaN foundries, which offers open access to millimeter-wave (mmW) technology and product transition paths into the DoD Advanced Packaging ecosystem.

In order to accelerate innovation and drive affordability in domestic mmW designs, the STARRY NITE program is offering free multi-project wafer (MPW) space on state-of-the-art RF GaN nodes at HRL, Northrop Grumman Space Systems, and Qorvo.

Do you have a cutting-edge mmW design that you want to fabricate at a STARRY NITE foundry? If so, submit your proposal today!

Before you apply:

  1. Review MPW Schedule (see below)
  2. Download the Request for Design Application (RFDA) Form
  3. Download Industry Day Brief
  4. Review Design Submission Requirments (see Industry Day Brief)
  5. Work NDA with foundry (optional)

To apply:

  1. Submit your RFDA response to the STARRY NITE foundry of your choice utilizing the buttons below
  2. Work NDA with selected foundry (optional)
  3. Complete PDK Training (optional/if available)

If awarded:

  1. Complete an NDA with selected foundry (if not completed already)
  2. Complete Collaboration Agreement with selected foundry
  3. Complete PDK training (if not complted already)
  4. Complete design by Design Submission Date (i.e. DRC deadline)
  5. Submit Design Package to selected foundry

Submit your designs!

Submit your design(s) utilizing the appropriate foundry links below. Please note: the below hyperlinks are directed outward and are not managed by NSTXL/S2MARTS.

MPW Updated Schedule 4.26.24


Important Documents:

*Updated - 27 September 2022: You can download the updated Starry Nite Design Quad below

SN Export Control Clause:

NSWC Crane is requesting that all applicants for STARRY NITE MPW Runs disclose the individuals in their company or institution who will have access to the foundry PDKs. Only U.S. Persons (as defined under U.S. export control laws) are allowed to access the PDKs and MMIC designs within STARRY NITE.


The STARRY NITE program offers seven MPW opportunities in 2022 at four foundry nodes: HRL (40nm T3), Northrop Grumman (90nm), Qorvo (90nm), and Qorvo (150nm). More tapeout opportunities for 2023 and beyond are anticipated for future announcements.

In addition to the criteria outlined in the RFDA, design applications will be evaluated based on technical merit, timeliness of submission, designer qualifications, and the likelihood of transition. Three focus areas categorize incoming design submissions: Communications, Radar, and Electronic Warfare. Guiding specifications and trade spaces are elucidated in the Industry Day Brief. Designs may employ any single or combination of GaN-based RF component(s), such as power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches, mixers, etc.

Design Packages are captured in a secure IP Vault, which only approved government employees can access. In order to facilitate the transition of design IP, designers are offered the opportunity to brief potential transition partners at annually hosted Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Demo Days.

Lastly, please note that the STARRY NITE program does not offer stipends for labor, EDA tools, or other expenses associated with design or test. This is an ideal opportunity to leverage internal R&D funds and/or cost-share with another DoD-funded design project.


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