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Your Research Can Help Advance the Nations Most Vital Technology Projects

With limited resources or defense contracting experience, there are many roadblocks for academic or research focused institutions to enter the defense market and find funding for their research.

The S2MARTS Research OTA was designed to open the door for innovators like you to apply your groundbreaking research in support of the nations most vital technology focus areas including microelectronics, hypersonics, radio frequency (RF), and more.

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What is an OTA?

Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs) are run by organizations like NSTXL who release opportunities to their membership communities on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Designed as an alternative to traditional contracting vehicles, OTAs help fast-track research initiatives.

NSTXL's opportunity pipeline is rapidly expanding. In the last year, our members were awarded 48 contracts worth a potential of $559 million and submitted solutions across more than 64 technology areas including Microelectronics, 5G, Hypersonics, and more.

S2MARTS Research: All Opportunity, No Cost.

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Bridging the Gap Between Research & Prototyping

S2MARTS Research is creating a more connected and streamlined Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) ecosystem, uniquely positioned to better establish the relationship between research and prototyping.


Free membership to S2MARTS research

Innovators who wish to only operate under the S2MARTS Research program will be offered a free membership.


Innovation from start to finish

By engaging more innovators, mapping projects from start to finish, and combining the same technology capabilities as S²MARTS, projects will naturally transition through each phase, delivering a streamlined path prototype development.
S2MARTS Research

About S2MARTS Research

S²MARTS Research is uniquely situated under The Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S²MARTS) 2371b agreement created by The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division. The program was established to effectively bridge the gap between research and prototyping.

S²MARTS Research will assist with identifying research topics, the drafting and editing of project documents, the development of ideas that span from multispectral sensing to strategic missions’ hardware, and more.


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